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Bakeshop on The Cooking Channel's "Unique Sweets"

The Cooking Channel's "Unique Sweets" was in the shop shooting an episode called "Then and Now" featuring nostalgic treats from childhood that we will never grow out of. They brought their crew and for a day we shut down the shop and baked and decorated oatmeal cream pies, 7-up cupcakes, homemade chipwiches and a 3 layer red velvet cake.

Working in front of a camera crew was definitely a mind-blowing experience. The lights are bright and all eyes are on you with every detail being captured by high definition cameras. It was a tight fit with their 8 person crew and all their equipment stuffed into the shop, but they were awesome and we made it work.

From a baking perspective the hardest part was not blocking the shot with your hands as you are working. You must always be mindful that your hand stays close to your body and never blocks the shot. It sounds easy but when you are trying to fold ingredients into a batter, limiting your movements is tricky.

It was also interesting talking into a camera, it's different than being interviewed by a person on camera. Talking into a camera lens took a little getting used to, and I still wasn't used to it after a day of shooting. 

The Unique Sweets Crew was great, they set up fast and executed on a tight schedule. They taught us a great deal about shooting food for television. They work hard to get the perfect shot that will flash by your screen in a second, it has certainly changed the way I watch cooking shows.

Thank you to everybody who was involved!

Our episode will be airing April 22 at 10:30 pm, on The Cooking Channel.

If you missed the episode, it can be seen online!

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