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Watching Soccer While Baking

In 2006 I was working at Baked in Brooklyn while the World Cup was going. The shop was relatively new and we were all working very hard. As a result I missed almost every game. Our dish washer Pascal brought in a mini black and white handheld TV so he could watch his Mexico team play(and eventually lose to Argentina) It was a cheap little device, the screen was 3 inches and the reception in the kitchen was fuzzy at best. We could barely make out the ball but we logged so much time on that damned thing we almost went blind. It was then that I vowed when I get my own shop I’d put a TV in the kitchen and no World Cups would go unwatched. Four years later the World Cup rolls around, we have a nice hi def TV in the kitchen at Bakeshop. We were new and busy so I didn’t get a chance to see every minute as I had intended, but it was nice having it on in the background. Turns out it’s really hard to watch footy while in the middle of production. 

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