our story

Bakeshop opened in 2010 on a quiet street in Arlington with Justin, his mom and a couple of employees - not knowing what would come of the adventure. He wanted to create an awesome bakery for the neighborhood where neighbors would become friends and the bakery would be part of the local life.

Bakeshop is comprised of and for the community. We hire local high school kids and for many of them this is their first job. We have made cakes and cupcakes for kids’ first birthdays and seen them grow up in front of our eyes.

Now Fillmore Street is busier and so are we. Our menu and staff have grown and we’re opening a second shop in Falls Church. We can’t wait to be part of the Falls Church neighborhood and expand our bakery family with new staff, neighbors and friends!

It has been a hell of a ride and we’re thankful you’ve come along with us!